Meet Jack!

This is Jack.

He is a 71 (Soon to turn 72) year old volunteer from Sydney, Australia. With his wife Helen, they’ve retired to Kiama and live in a lovely house down there. Jack and I share an office together, and I must admit if it wasn’t for Jack I’d probably go insane at some point whilst here in Tonga. He and I have been blessed by God to be able to rely and lean on each other during the tough times and hurdles that work throws at us.

Jack was an executive at QBE for 30-odd years, specialising first in insurance and then later in reinsurance. He has travelled all around the Pacific and Asia, working in Fiji for about 4 years as well as spending time in Japan and China. The wealth of experience and understanding he holds is both something I aspire to but have relied on since being here.

We both have very good discussions, about God, life, work and ethics. In particular, he has rubbed off on to me the principle of ‘honouring’ people.

‘You’ve got to honour people, Andrew,’ Jack tells me. ‘It is part of a Christian business ethic that I have carried throughout my career.’

Honestly? I’ve never met anyone like him. He’s funny, a ball of energy (The man rides 10km – 20km each morning and seriously has Red Bull running through his veins!), a very strong Christian witness to me, a mentor but importantly a friend.

Thanks Jack! 🙂


About Drew

Trying to walk in line with the truth of the Gospel
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