The umu is the name of the earth oven used in Tonga. Our friends from church, Evelyn and Sione, held a day where all us ‘palangi’s’ could be taught how to make and run one last Saturday. In particular, Elisabeth (their daughter) was keen to let me play with fire, understanding that I’m a pyromaniac. She just asked me not to use gasoline as it tends to make the food taste crap. I gleefully complied.

The day was quite lovely. We spent the time being around people we love and are brothers and sisters in Christ. Part of the enjoyment was doing the basics of cutting up the food, scrubbing the coconut insides out so we can squeeze the juice out (Harder than you think, but somewhat relaxing at the same time), playing with the fire and getting the temperature right and then the ladies prepared the meats to then put on the fire.

All in all a very Tongan day and one I enjoyed immensely. Thank you especially to Vill (aka Superman), Elisabeth (Super cool, and the photographer of the below), Evelyn (Supermum) and Sione (Superawesome).


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