The cockroach armageddon

There’s some things in Tonga that you just give a puzzled look, shake your head and then move on. This is one of those times. See article one of the cockroach apocolypse.

Now, to give you an idea of why we’re showing a dead cockroach, you need to understand Tonga a bit more. Cockroaches here are big enough to walk your dog to school. Seriously, I’ve seen ones as long as your hand finger. They also fly. Now, I now you probably realise they fly, but here, they fly high. Like, high enough that small birds look down at them and go ‘Woah, there goes the neighbourhood’.

So Hannah and I decided to do something about the population of cockroaches that just happen to enjoy taking night time strolls down our hallway. Setting up those black Mortein cockroach baits, we figured ‘This might thin them out a bit.’ Suffice to say, we weren’t prepared for what happened next.

Friday evening, after we got home from Elisabeth and Vill’s, I cleaned up 22 cockroaches. 22 of them. All big enough to tear your arm off crawl up your leg. Yesterday, evening, I cleaned up another 8. This morning, I cleaned up another 9. That’s 39 cockroaches in 48 hours. I’m seriously waiting to see four little cockroach horsemen ride past this morning.

I feel like Will Smith in Men in Black when he kicks the big cockroaches butt at the end of the first film. Given the tan I’m working on, I reckon it won’t be too much longer until  I look like him too.

The moral of the story? Mortein roach traps work a treat. Just be prepared for the results…


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