It’s a dogs life

A day in the life of Piko:

Wake up, chase chickens through backyard. Wait for Drew and Hannah to open door.

Jump Drew and Hannah when they wake up. Look for something to chew.

Sit expectantly as Drew eats his Weet-Bix until he caves and gets up to prepare breakfast. Whine incessantly until food is placed down. Ignore everyone and scoff food in four seconds flat. if a bone, take bone to dirt and spend over an hour chewing on bone.

When finished, chase Rocky (Other compound dog) and annoy him. Bark at landlady and any other Tongans. Also bark at quiet Japanese volunteer to make him feel part of the group.

Chase bird. Miss catching by inches.

Sleep in mid morning.

Wake up, annoy Drew whilst he’s studying. Roll over and request rubs on tummy.

Follow Hannah into (forbidden) room and get shooed out. Repeat several more times.

Watch Drew head to bakery then whine to Hannah until she pays attention to me, then ignore her.

Chew plastic chicken and try to work out why squeaker not working (Broken through overuse).

Greet Drew and chase him with wagging tail.

Look for food. Wait until Drew feeds me again.

Chew on shoe / tin foil / coconut shell / leaf / anything that can possibly be found. Destroy, destroy, destroy!

Fall asleep in afternoon. Give Drew fantastic photo opportunity.


About Drew

Trying to walk in line with the truth of the Gospel
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4 Responses to It’s a dogs life

  1. Andrew Watters says:

    Drew, great post and wonderful photo!!! Now you are getting some idea about what children will be like. Only they won’t be able to communicate as effectively for a number of years – and when they do learn to speak you can never get them to shut up and you will seldom win an arguement!!! (I wonder who I’m thinking about when I say this!!!) Ha, ha!

  2. Kris says:

    Hey Drew. Love the post – Piko is just too cute for words. That’s why cameras were invented! Love to hear the details of Piko’s day – feeling a little envious as he seems to have more fun than I do. Although sometimes, when I’ve been good, I get lucky and score a belly scratch from Andrew 😛

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