Setting sail for Blue Lagoon – Port Denarau

Hannah and I had our second anniversary on the 27th of Feb. We spent the day in Sydney, but truth be told, we were both looking forward to our trip to another tropical paradise in just over a week – Fiji.

Why go to Fiji when you’ve been living in another tropical paradise by the name of Tonga? To be honest, the same reasons as what makes Tonga so good – sun, surf, sand and plenty of R&R. What we didn’t bargain on was how incredible the trip would end up being. The weather was (in answer to prayer) so good as to almost defy belief (Thanks God!), the surroundings were picturesque, the company was grand (Love my special lady!), the people we met were swell and the activities we did were quite memorable.

All in all, it was a phenomenal trip. The photo’s for today are from Port Denarau. We stayed in the Sofitel, which served an awesome brekky, and then hung around the marina, which is quite a lovely place.


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4 Responses to Setting sail for Blue Lagoon – Port Denarau

  1. Nicolle says:

    Goodness I love your camera…

    • Drew says:

      Glad you like it 🙂 The best is yet to come. I took some shots of Hannah on the beach, which I’ll put up soon. I think you’ll like them 😀

  2. Talitha says:

    Woo can’t wait to go to Denaru Island ourselves for a mini honeymoon 🙂 And what is funny is that when we were in Fiji a few years ago, our Blue Lagoon cruise ship took us to their island for a stopover – it was amazing and your pics remind me of it ^_^

    Tal xx

    • Drew says:

      Hey Tal!

      Yes, Denarau is amazing. Very opulent, and quite tourist friendly. You’ll love it.

      Definitely jealous that you’re going back before we will get a chance too haha!

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