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Exploring Ecclesiastes

The below is an essay on Ecclesiastes I did. The question was ‘The ‘enjoy life’ passages within Ecclesiastes sit as an apparent contradiction to the ‘Hebel’ of life; despite his incongruity, these passages provide enormous insight into both the ‘wisdom’ … Continue reading

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Scott and Laura’s wedding PT2

Some more from Saturday.

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Scott and Laura’s wedding PT1

Some photo’s from the wedding I went to on the weekend. Was lovely guys; I still have the ringing in my ears from dancing at the reception!

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Four little paws…

Four little paws aren’t by my side My dear little friend My wonderful guide He lives away across the sea Far from us Far from me Much I would give to have him back He means so much He’s what … Continue reading

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The temptation of chocolate

Mankind cannot help but follow two actions when presented with temptation. On the first action; consider a man who is addicted to chocolate. Imagine this addiction is life threatening and yet he continues to eat chocolate even though he knows … Continue reading

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Christian theism as a unit

A quote from Van Til; a Christian apologist. He identifies that it all stands as one, or falls in a heap, which is a big assertion, but one I think is true. It also suggests that knowledge without an understanding … Continue reading

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Seth and Tess’ wedding PT3

The final lot.

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