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Tonga, and how it has changed me

It is a coolish Tuesday evening. Hannah and I walk around the block to our friend Elisabeth’s house. Hannah is speaking to her grandparents on the phone, which grants me the freedom to think and watch. As we come to … Continue reading

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An awesome evening with a bonfire

Title speaks for itself really. Pic’s from Elisabeth’s phone. I’ve got some of the sunset and will upload them in time.

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For the love of ‘dog’…

Yes, yes. I know it’s a poor play on words, but I’m writing an essay and the need for procrastination has inhibitted anything more clever being written. Anyway, our ‘mischief’ has been allowed to sit on the lounge, now. This … Continue reading

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Piko’s formal wear

Hannah made an awesome little bow tie for Piko to wear when we are doing ‘formal occasions’. It’s just too cool. He is a very smart looking puppy!

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Procession and funeral of King Siaosi Tupou V

Some photo’s from the procession on Monday and the funeral on Tuesday. Wasn’t able to get a whole lot as my camera lens was ‘too big’ apparently.

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Old British High Commission

This is the old British High Commission buildings. Quite historic, especially given the carronades that sit out the front. I think they removed the whole thing in the early 2000’s.

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A few things about cyclones

A few things I learned in the process of going through Cyclone Jasmine: 1. Prepare before the storm, not during. Our landlady was hammering wood across our windows whilst the cyclone was raging. Funny, but not. 2. Category 1 is … Continue reading

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